Spiritual Protection supplies and medicine bags are now available on a client by client basis. Every Medicine Bag is a combination of 5 base protective stones, 2-5 birth stones chosen based on your birthdate and current physical and spiritual needs. (If you know your going into a demonic haunt, you need a little more backup. If you are well grounded in spiritual protection the basic bags will more than suffice. Every bag also includes Faith based components (Catholics get Holy Water, St Benadict or St. Michaels medal, etc) as well as non religious protective compnents. EVERY BAG IS UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT AND MADE FOR YOU ONLY! We take pride in the fact that we demand your situational and faith based information because the more we know, the better we can help protect you. These are the same bags we have created for our own team members over the past 8 years and have never been made available to the general public. We also throw in some secret ingredients to ensure you leave safe and secure from your next investigation. Understand this, we have walked into a high level demonic haunting with crystal clear stones in our medicine bags. Upon leaving, the stones were cracked, discolored, black, grey and broken. This is the negative energy these protective stones absorbed that did not affect us as investigators. Protect yourself and your team.

Each bag is based on birth day, month and year as well as faith system. Each bag is configured based on your specific physical and spiritual circumstances. This is not Fix a Flat! This is your sanity, clarity of mind, health and soul we are talking about. We're not even involving your clients. These bags are being released on a limited basis to investigators and group members only. Average cost per bag starts at $20 and goes up depending on your birth sign, spiritual attitude and faith system. If you have a full on attachment and know it, your probably going to need more than a $20 bag. That makes logical sense. Your paying for spiritual protection. We have a list of satisfied group members and clients who will attest to the positive protective attributes of these medicine bags. Each is blessed according to your religious beliefs. If you have none, don't worry about it.

Until finalize the public sales of medicine bags, this is the only place you will find them and the spiritual guidance and assistance that follows.

If you are interested:

Send an email to

include your

date of birth including day/month/ year
faith or belief system
Specific physical or medical needs affecting you (You can have a legion of demons screaming in your ear and the worst attachment in the world or you can be the most grounded, protected individual and advisor on your team. \We don't care, just be honest because the more you tell us in confidence, the better we can help and assist you. Understand that. )

We will dwell on your situation, listen to spirit and guidance, supply you with our recomnedations and prices based on those recomendations. If you just need basic protection bags for your team, relgious independent, let us know. We wll respond as soon as possible. This offer is only available to the followers and clientelle. We do have more investigators that we are assisting at the moment vs. clients. That speaks above and beyond the reality of the situation. We also have smudging and cleansing kits on hands as well as local referalls for those in need. It is your safety, your clients safety, your teams safety and your future. Protect yourself. It just takes knowledge and a little guidance. We are here for that reason and we know the need for spiritual protection and medicine bags and protection kits/elements are at an all time high. Think about it, meditate on it, read through the rest of this site and decide how best to protect you and your team. We're here for you. Blessings on the bag include a 3rd generation Native American Shaman, Catholic Clergy, Jewish Rabbi's and others who support our cause over the years. So whatever faith system you embrace, we can help bring more power to the blessings on the bags. :)


The Blame

We Blame the Media explosion of Paranormal Shows that are emulated by hundreds of thousands of untrained individuals.
Many are underage minors.


The Risks - the long and more detailed list.

The list below applies as a general guide for both newcomers and seasoned investigators who are part of a group of looking to join a group. Novice ghost hunters need to realize that this list has been comprised from Teams with many years of real life experience. Parents use this as a guide for your kids. There are so many more dangers than most people ever realize exist.

Dangers at your Location and in your Environment.
Anytime you are at a location and exposed to the environment there are many risks and factors involved: 
Physical Exposure – while investigating at outdoor locations, you may be exposed to the sudden changes in the weather such as excess heat or excess cold. These changes can result in hypothermia or dehydration. Long hours at an investigation site, without proper food or water will affect any investigator. The reverse of this is the investigators who embrace a fast food diet, grabbing whatever is the closest to the investigation location. This often leads to health problems.

Long hours at an investigation site with a lack of sleep and too many stimulants (such as coffee or energy drinks) will alter and affect anyone’s mood. The greatest danger occurs when these stimulants wear off, especially on the long drive home. Many investigators have fallen asleep at the wheel in the wee hours of the morning while attempting to drive home from an investigation location.

Anytime you’re going out into the environment, make sure that you are dressed appropriately and that you have proper food and water. Endorse the buddy system and never investigate alone. Always have a first aid kit and cell phone handy in case of emergency. Once again, never explore or investigate alone and always be prepared for sudden changes in the weather or in your environment.

Whether outdoors or indoors, wear proper shoes and long pants in case of accidental slips or falls. You may encounter splinters, rusty nails, spider bites, fleas, ticks, mold, black mold, open holes, open graves, animal attacks, wasp or bee stings, poison ivy, poison oak and other environment related injuries. Often times cuts and scratches will lead to nasty infections, especially staph infections. Be prepared for any natural injuries that may occur. Always let somebody know where you are at all times in case you get lost or go missing during your investigation. Have check-in times with your team members and utilize two-way radios to keep in touch.

Animals – When in an outdoor environment or inside a client’s home, be aware of possible animal attacks. You do not know your client’s pets and they do not know you. In an open environment, trespassing into the animal’s territory you may find yourself endangered by wildlife. In other wilderness situations, at night especially, you may encounter mountain lions, coyotes, skunks, rats, snakes or rabid animals. Ticks, fleas and mosquito’s often carry Bubonic plague or other diseases. The simple act of using insect repellant can be the most important thing to bring on an outdoor investigation.

Constantly being aware of your environment is of key importance. Many hidden dangers exist that you may not be made aware of until you are affected. Abandoned buildings often have unstable wood floors or dangerous basement areas. I myself have cut myself on an unseen nail while climbing around in a client’s attic. Fellow investigators have fallen through ceiling panels that could not hold their weight. These environments may be filled with microscopic dangers such as animal or insect excrement, black mold, natural gas or other factors that may affect your breathing and respiration. If you have allergies, prepare ahead of time. If you have asthma, bring an inhaler with you. Notify your fellow team members if you have life threatening allergies beforehand. If it seems dangerous, use common sense and don’t put yourself or fellow investigators at risk.

Always remember that while in these environments, you and the investigators are always prone to a spirit attack. You may be shoved, hit, cut and slapped, you may have the wind knocked out of you by an unseen force or find yourself pushed down a flight of stairs. Some investigators have found themselves on the brunt end of a flying object that was thrown at them by an unseen force. Use common sense and always be aware of your environment. It is a standard rule to always scout your environment in the daytime before performing an investigation at night. Have extra flashlights and batteries and use common sense.

No trespassing or hopping fences at posted and abandoned locations. The police will arrest you and the owners of the property will often press charges. Too many abandoned houses have been temptations for novice investigators. Those who trespass ruin it for other credible teams and often place themselves in danger. You may encounter squatters, homeless people, gang members, drug addicts, prostitutes, occultist activities from the human factor in run down, abandoned or depressed areas. Never go scouting alone. When parking at a location, observe all street signs and carry a picture ID and insurance card with you at all times. Cops have the tendency to show up when somebody calls them complaining that they see flashlights shining in that abandoned house down the street. Additionally, there’s nothing like the shock of walking back to your car after an investigation to find it has been towed with your wallet and cell phone inside because you failed to notice you parked in a no parking zone. If you are investigating in an unsafe neighborhood, inform the authorities beforehand and have a list of all team members present. Never go investigate alone. Secure all belongings in your vehicle. Fellow investigators vehicles have been broken into at these dangerous locations and all their gear was stolen. In other areas investigators have been threatened or attacked as well. Be safe. Be aware of your environment. Realize that even the cemetery you find yourself investigating at 1am may be the local party spot for local gang members. More than once we have left a public cemetery because of this reason. Use caution.

Clients – the human factor. 
Oftentimes the most dangerous thing you’ll face in an investigation will be clients themselves. Remember that you and your fellow team members are volunteering to walk into a stranger’s home who you do not know. Many clients and those claiming to experience paranormal problems are susceptible to mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism or other factors. You do not know if your client is mentally unstable. They may lie on the questionnaire they filled out. You may find yourselfin their home and completely at risk. Your clients may have guns, weapons and may not be afraid to use them. Many clients may be experiencing psychological duress from the spirits that may haunt them. There may be partial or full possession, depression and other factors you may become aware of after you are at the location. Many clients have an unsafe mental obsession with the paranormal. You need to use caution at all times. During investigations, clients under spiritual duress may lash out emotionally and physically at investigators if their claims of paranormal activity are not substantiated. Many clients are looking to be understood and if you do not share their understanding, they may act out or lash out, especially those clients who are schizophrenic, delusional or mentally ill.

Always document your actions while at the client’s location. Have the proper forms for liability and permission to investigate signed beforehand. Remember if the police are called and you do not have your forms in order, you can be considered trespassing. It is the clients word against yours. If you or fellow team members knock over or break one of the client’s possessions, you will be held responsible. Keep this in mind, that you are walking into their environment to investigate their claims of their personal experiences. You are completely at their will.

Often times investigators may find signs of drug use or alcohol abuse, paraphernalia, stolen property, or other potentially criminal activities. You can be found guilty by association so always document your words and actions and watch your back. The client may not like that your camcorder is accidentally documenting his drug use. At the first sign of any lying or deceit or instability from the client, leave immediately.

In the past we have experienced clients under partial possession who have threatened us with household items. This was documented and we were in danger despite all precautions.

Other team members 
The paranormal doesn’t just attract mentally healthy people. Many clients and investigators to be, have dark obsessions with the paranormal or fantasies and delusions that lead them into this hobby. Many newcomers are dabbling in witchcraft or the occult without proper training. Many investigators are mentally unstable and may change personality when in an environment at a haunted location. Often times new team members will cause discord with core team members. Friends may turn against each other on investigations. Groups may split and reform. Often times pride and ego will disrupt a team, evidence may be stolen and constant conflicts will abound. Whether this is because of human nature or a side effect of the spirit world affecting these investigators, we have seen people change in a matter of weeks after jumping into the paranormal.

The paranormal changes people. To many it becomes an obsession that takes priority over religion, relationships, employment, friendships, hobbies and other interests. It starts as a casual interest but slowly consumes their lives. Financially, in a matter of months, they find themselves in trouble. Equipment will fail and malfunction and need to be replaced. They will lose their jobs and friends. Some may start drinking or abusing drugs. They will have changes in personality, suddenly show signs of reckless behavior, and become reclusive.

Many times this is because of a spiritual attachment. When you stick your head in the spirit world, it may follow you home and disrupt your life. Many investigators deal with sudden urges and obsessions, a sudden onset of mental illness, intense times of depression and spiritual oppression. Your family may suffer attacks from the spirit world. Your life may suddenly be filled with traumatic events or unexplained accidents. You may find yourself physically ill and sick with no medical cause or explanation. Overnight everything that was important to you may change. These are cycles that we have seen repeat over and over, primarily with new investigators who find themselves dealing with a spirit attachment. Usually no one told them this was possible. No one told them the signs to watch out for. Usually no one offered to help them in the midst of these attacks.

During investigations if you experience a spiritual contact you may pick up on and feel the emotions and memories of another entity. Feelings of anger, rage, sorrow as well as memories that are not yours. This will disrupt the logical thinking of most adults when it occurs. You may find yourself questioning your faith or having your reality destroyed after a spirit contact with an entity. Sudden fits of panic, confusion, anxiety, anger, a lack or change of identity, or a questioning of religious beliefs may ensue. Many investigators leave the paranormal after the loss of a loved one makes you question your intent.

Many investigators find themselves hearing voices when under a spirit based attack. They will be kept awake for days, pushed, shoved, and touched. They may experience uncontrollable shaking, cold, or fevers around them. This is usually caused by a separate entity affecting their physiological functions. If you feel like something has followed you home from an investigation, let people know. The worst thing is when an investigator simply disappears from the paranormal community because of an attachment and never gets the help or support that they need to remedy the situation.

Spirit communication
EVPs – any time you are attempting to collect or play EVPs you may be welcoming the spirit world to affect your life. In the same way that a ouiji board or séance opens a door to communication with the spirit world, the simple act of asking questions of a spirit in an EVP session can open the same doors. In playing back EVPs, the vibrations of the spirit voices captured often attracts other spirits. Many times novice investigators will play back the EVPs they’ve just captured while walking back to their vehicles. The spirits whose voices they’ve captured find a valid reason to follow them home in their vehicles. It is recommended that you listen to your recordings after leaving a haunted location in order to prevent hitch hikers. Upon leaving a haunted location every investigator should make a statement that they do not give permission for any spirits to follow them home. This should be done multiple times to help ensure that nothing tags alone, follows you home and essentially disrupts you life.

Television and media portray provoking entities in exchange for evidence, on a frequent basis. This is dangerous. Provoking a spirit can lead to a spirit attack. You should treat all spirits with respect. This is common sense. Put yourself in the spirits position. If I was in the spirit world and you walked into my home and provoked me, in order to capture your evidence, I would be upset and probably follow you home and disrupt your life as much as I could.

Demonic or inhuman hauntings
Many investigators who find themselves with a spirit attachment will often go through a cycle of collecting some impressive evidence on EVP. It seems that the spirits let themselves be recorded by the investigator. This usually ends up in a spirit attack on the investigators. Investigating paranormal activity at a location other than your own home is always preferred. The common rule is never investigate where you want to sleep. If you have a spirit follow you home you believe to be inhuman or demonic, do not document any activity. Contact your local church or clergy for assistance immediately. If you are a team investigating a location and find any reason to validate that it may be an inhuman or demonic haunting, leave with your team immediately and refer your clients to the church clergy, or a demonologist. These high level inhuman hauntings have the capability of completely destroying lives. We’ve seen it happen over and over, time and time, again and again. It is never worth the evidence when it destroys everything that you’ve considered valuable to your life. We have seen a demonic haunting follow home investigators, kill their animals, and put them in the hospital. Equipment has been destroyed, and people have been completely taken over, losing all sanity in the process. Every investigator should know something about spiritual protection and embrace whatever faith system you believe in. High level hauntings and inhuman hauntings are often attractive to the novice investigator. They’re never worth the evidence. The results will usually destroy everything you value before you realize the nature of your attacks.

Never use Ouiji board, séances, magic or witchcraft during an investigation, as you may put everyone present at risk. Even professional mediums and psychics using these spiritual communication methods during investigations have shut them down after something evil slipped through. These methods have been attributed to most high level hauntings, inhuman and demonic cases that are referred to clergy and demonologists. It’s like a loaded gun and never worth the risk. Many of the stories our clients tell us start with a Ouiji board. They end up much worse…..

In closing, these are just some of the dangers of the paranormal. Many investigators, both amateur and professional have left the field after their lives have been affected by the paranormal. It is a cycle we have seen over and over. Many investigators have lost friends and fellow group members due to these dangers. Television, media do not warn you about these possible dangers of the paranormal. Too many seasoned investigators, we have heard these stories firsthand and know the reality of these dangers exist. Many former investigators have become our clients. Too many children and teens are running out, not knowing the dangers of the paranormal. If you have an interest in the paranormal, educate yourself on spiritual protection, investigation techniques andHere you will find emails and testimonials from those inside and outside of the paranormal community. Some of them will be publicly recognized. Others will be anonymous unless requested. If you wish to add a comment or a testimonial, email us and tell us your story. Let us know as well if you wish for us to use your real name and affiliations as well. If you do not specify, we will keep your anonymity and privacy intact automatically.




Paranormal Awareness and Bewares
Written by Kristie - Show Me Paranormal Investigations

Although this could be a controversial subject for some, I feel it important to address. First let me state that I have been in paranormal research for thirty years this year, and have spent the last fifteen or so of those years intensely studying demonology, have written a book of specific topic on the subject focused on a epidemic situation in our country. I do not profess to be some kind of expert, but after all my years, experiences and studies, I just know what I know and do have concern for others who may not know or experienced the same.

I really had no choice as to going into paranormal research, like some who just find the subject intriguing or thrilling and want to explore it. I was born with the gift of spirit discernment and grew up under the burdens of such a gift. It is not an easy thing as a child or teen. You cannot escape the ghosts, because they come to you. It scares you as a child, it can even be traumatizing and have a stronghold on your very life. Your family and friends think you are delusional and the cure is one shrink after another, and nothing helps. You lay awake at night trembling, because you know they are coming as soon as everyone else in your house is asleep and oblivious to everything, no one can see them or hear them but you. For many years, I spent the majority of my nights huddled up in my brothers bed down the hall after making a mad dash there after the visitations of the dead. As I said, you cannot escape what wants to present itself to you, so you learn to embrace it, understand it and come into a comfort zone with it.

You grow up trying to submerge what comes naturally to you, because it has caused you a great deal of trauma in your life, such as waking up in the wee hours of the morning, several minutes before the dreaded phone call that your brother has been murdered, and you know this already because he has come and told you he is dead. That your best friend has hung herself, that your classmate has murdered his siblings and died himself in the process. It is not easy being hit with these things out of nowhere. The waking up on occasion and walking through your entire day in an oppression of deep worry and sorrow because you feel the impending doom and do not know from where it comes from as yet. Feeling the emotions of the dead. After the death of my brother, and a close friend in a car accident that I convinced myself I could have averted for many years, I began exploring it, in my early twenties. It seemed the more that I gained in wisdom and understanding, the more the portals to the other side opened up. I found myself, by my mid thirties, being confronted by another species of haunts of the demonic nature. I spent many years in oppression by them, sometimes even destruction in my life, until I decided to oppress them back, hence my intense study into who and what they are, how they operate and how to defeat them.

This is why I bring this subject to the table and give a serious word of caution to all those involved or getting involved, wanting to get involved, in paranormal research. It is not just a thrill field, there is danger out there when you voluntarily put yourself in an open position to the spirit realm. Spirits are all around us every day of the week, so are demonic entities, but most walk through life not even realizing this. When you pointedly seek them out, they will seek you out in return. When you welcome them to interact with you, they may end up interacting with you more then what you intended. Many people walk around with either one of two different mindsets concerning spirits, that they can physically harm you by heaving and object at you or something of that nature, thinking of it in physical manifestation form, or that they are dead so how could they harm you. They totally miss the middle ground in-between those ranges and the reality of the spirit realm. Having something hurled at you is the least of your worries when making yourself an open vessel to interaction with spirits, and if you think there is nothing they can do to you at all because they are dead...then you are in the wrong field altogether.

There is more then one good and experienced paranormal investigator that has acquired an attachment that has wrecked havoc in their life. There are even some that have become possessed by demonic spirits. There is not a single one of us that is not vunerable to a spirit attack. And there is just some that are totally ignorant to the possibility and they are the most vunerable. You got people out here watching Taps or other paranormal investigation shows and they think how fun that looks, they go out and grab up equipment and head out to do some ghost hunting of their own, totally ignorant of the spiritual realm and how it operates, what it can and cannot do. Spirits cannot harm you, even demonic spirits, if...and that is the key...if you understand them, are sealed up tight against them, stronger then them and in control of them. If you are not all these things, then they can take control of you and your life.

You have to understand that ghosts are disembodied spirits who may want to experience life again. In order to do so, they need a life vessel. Demonic spirits are typically on a misson. They have physical desires and they seek physical vessels by which to experience the real physical desires. Some just want to wreck havoc in the world and through the lives of others, as they are not friendly spirits and they have malicious purposes. When you enter into paranormal investigation, you are essentially sending out the invitation to the spirit realm to present itself to you, and you have to be keenly aware to the fact that some spirits may want more from you then just to interact in a non invasive manner. You are a life force, something they no longer have and may desparitely want back. You are at risk for an attachment, and oppression, even a possession.

There is a staff member of Waverly Sanitariam that tells about one of the spirits following him home and now residing with him. There is a greatly experienced paranormal reseacher who was on her toes for the most part, but still ended up with a demonic possession after working a case in a abandoned haunted barn and coming across some occult items in the loft when her team mates were not present with her. Her life and relationships went down the toilet so to speak, becoming more of a living nightmare, and she reached the brink of restrained violence in which she finally sought help. It was just a good thing that she was knowledgable enough to recognize that she had been indwelled and she, along with her team mates and other experts help, exorcised this demonic presence. She totally gave up paranormal research after that, realizing the risk she had put her young son in while she was going through the ordeal. There are countless male inhabitants of demonically haunted dwelling that have become overcome and suffered thoughts of slaughtering their entire family, have even reached the brink of acting upon the thoughts. Other unknowing victims have suffered great financial loss and suffering, illness and death, destroyed relationships. Demonic entities are not your friend and they are out here walking among you on a daily basis. You put out the welcome sign, and you lack the education and wisdom of how to control them instead of them controlling you, you may find yourself in the victim seat. It is reality people, and it took me many years of suffering in their oppression to finally learn how to fight back. I was a involuntary subject for them, I just was born with a gift. Some of you, probably the majority of you, do not have to deal with it, you choose to deal with it, so along with that choice also make the conscious choice to learn about what you have chosen to embrace and how to protect yourself, which is more of a spiritual thing then it is ever a physical thing.

We have kids out here dabbling in paranormal research, kids that are prime victims to what they do not fully understand. It just looks like fun and it a adrenline rush thrill seeking issue. As true paranormal researchers, we need to gain alot more wisdom then just how to read a gauss meter or catch and evp. We also need to know the risks and teach the risks. We need to be comrades with our fellow team members, like soldiers always watching one anothers backs. You need to know how to run interventions, and be aware of your fellow comrades and be ready to intervene. If you want to call the spirits out, then you better know how to command them back again. It is not just about seeking them out, it is about controlling the environment when seeking them out and interacting with them, and about being able to take control of the situation and forcing them back if things go awry. It is about prevention and intervention, not just interaction and if you do not have all three, then you need to get all three before you dabble too much in interactions.

Ghost hunting is fun, but it is also serious business and needs to be treated as such. If you are going to do it, then get serious about it and be professional, gain the wisdom and share the wisdom, especially with the teens that are out here experimenting with hunting ghosts. They really have no one else to depend on but you, because if something goes awry for them, who is going to figure out the what is wrong and going to help them.

Thanks for hearing me out,

Before I became an investigator I was simply curious about the paranormal. My curiousity got the best of me more than once. I remember as a child catching a fever with a horrible cough. I was slightly delusional at the time and the fever was extremely high. I do remember during that time in the waking moments looking around at several shadow figures watching me. A few got on top of me and it felt as though they were pressing down on my chest extremely hard. It was very difficult to breathe. I remember my mother coming in and giving me medicine and because my fever was so high she picked me up and put me in a bathtub full of ice water. It was shocking to see the shadowy figures move away from me. I obviously got better.

As an adult I also had one instance that was pretty similar. I had seen some strange things in the woods close to where I lived at the time. I decided to go check out what they were. Something defintely followed me back. Things started breaking around my house. First the VCR, then the phone and the alarm clock. Lights kept popping and shorting out. I didn't recognize the signs. I felt as though somebody was watching me when I went to sleep, and I remember waking up once again with the same feverish symptoms and horrible cough. I looked over towards my bedroom door and saw the shadows moving underneath the door from outside the room. It took every ounce of strength I had to force myself up to make it to the bathroom and get some medicine and take a cold shower. I don't know if you ever had a cold shower when you have a fever, but it feels like a thousand needles poking into your skin. After I felt a little better I started to recognize what was going on with these things that were happening around me. I cleaned my house, and told whatever it was that it was not welcome there very firmly. I told it to get out, go away. I remembered reading about several different things that people do to get rid of things like that, so I tried a few of them. I won't go into any more detail but it worked. The phone worked immediately after I was done and strangely one of the busted lightbulbs came back on. Belief in spirits is one thing, having the courage and strength to get rid of the bad ones is another. The key to dealing with the bad ones is having a strong enough belief that you can get rid of them no matter what. These things may be very angry at times and can even be violent, but you cannot fear them. If they sense any fear that is when they move in on you.

I also had other symptoms when those things were around, headaches, dizziness, fainted a few times, etc.
Just thought I'd share my story so people can understand the possible dangers of paranormal investigation. A lot of the things I have encountered were quite friendly, and that is a very rewarding feeling when evidence is captured; however there are some things out there that people just do not understand, and I would suggest if to people that that are thinking of paranormal investigation that if they feel threatened or nervous in any way that it's ok to try to get out and seek help when neccessary.
I know a lot of people may not believe this and I have nothing to gain here by saying it, and quite frankly I do not care that there are many skeptics out there. I myself am quite skeptical when I take on a case, but there have been a few unexplainable things that have occurred. I've captured evidence of this type of activity on camera and on various recordings, and I am aware of the fact that to a skeptical mind it's definitely not the best evidence. It's proof enough for me and that's one of the many reasons I do it.
I hope this helps somebody. Thanks for doing what you do.

When Dan asked me to contribute some of my own experiences with the dangers of the paranormal I was more than happy to oblige even if I was not so happy that I had experiences to contribute. But if my sharing my experiences at all helps even just one person, then I am the better for the sharing.

Although I began my journey down the paranormal investigating path to help answer some of my own questions, as the years pass the reasons for my interest "evolved" so to speak and I found a true desire to help others who may be unwitting victims of paranormal activity and experiences.

Doing what it is that we investigators do and in the process also helping people while I do something that I enjoy very much, has given me great satisfaction and fulfillment in ways that I never dreamed possible. I have always felt that paranormal investigators are a rare breed. We literally throw ourselves into the fray and in doing so become vulnerable to so many risks, hazards and dangers.
The list Dan has posted is extensive and just the tip of the iceberg of what we investigators may find ourselves vulnerable to on any given day, any given case.

As I said above, I am a paranormal investigator. Without revealing my exact age let's just say that I've been doing this for a long time and consider myself "seasoned". But this in no way means that I am not vulnerable to the dangers of investigating and exploring the paranormal.

Over my many years of investigating I have at times found myself victim to physical, mental, emotional and psychic attack. Most of these incidents, although disconcerting were thankfully fleeting. My most recent attack was not. And it was much to my chagrin that I during this time I found myself training new members of our group to do as I say, not as I do.
Over the years my experiences with the dangers of doing what it is that I do have run the gamut from being innocuous and fast moving to being out and out blatant and slow as molasses in their leaving.

Some of these past experiences and symptoms have included depression, physical illness and/or swift declining health issues, paranoia, unexplained anger and sadness and careless accidents, some which were extreme. During one cleansing I was pushed off a ladder and suffered some broken ribs. I'm all too aware that this one particular incident could've been much worse. I have been pinched, poked, tugged at, scratched, had my hair pulled and have even suffered through what I believe to be incubus activity and assault.

Back when I was case manager for a now very well known investigating group, we many times all experienced things that would happen days even weeks before we would step foot into a client's home. Some of these experiences included nightmares; computer, car, cell phone and equipment problems; small accidents, family problems, unexplained health issues, occupation problems; getting unexpectedly laid off or fired with no prior warning; the list goes on. One of our crew members even had a fire in her home while she and her 2 small children slept. Scary stuff here folks. We even coined a phrase for these experiences. We would all say "It's making the rounds". And we knew from these experiences that the case we would be going on would be an intense and potentially dangerous one. "They" knew we were coming and were letting us know this.

My most recent experience caught me totally off guard. I consider myself a staunch advocate of self protection before, during and after investigations. But one evening during a drive, my fiance' John and I spontaneously stopped at a location known to me personally for it's medium level activity. We had equipment in the car, it was a beautiful evening and we were just out driving around...a good enough reason to stop, take a nice walk and what the heck, we had equipment with us, may as well take it out and put it to good use.

This spontaneous foray (it's subsequent incredible EVPs and more than just interesting photos) along with an unusally ignorant lapse in protecting us would cost me dearly; mentally, physcially, emotionally and spiritually.

Because I had let my guard down and didn't excercise my usual methods of protection, something followed us home and we almost immediately knew we were under attack. Our computer crashed the very next morning while upoading the evidence we got. And it didn't just CRASHED! If John didn't know his way around computers so well, we no doubt would've had to replace ours. Many of the EVPs we captured that night were hostile and menacing to say the least. This was only the beginning of a few very difficult months for us. We began experiencing things we had up until then only read about. Things escalated quickly and deteriorated so much that we thought it best to pull back from some analyzing we were doing for some dear friends and even had to put off our investigating case load for a bit. I even had to stop llistening to EVPs or watching others' evidence vids on You tube, lest this open me up to even more negative assaults by whatever astral nasties might be present.

Gratefully we are blessed by a very large network of caring and supportive colleagues, friends and family. And it's because we are so blessed that we were able to fight our way through this very trying time and come back as soon as we have. We're not unscathed by our experience. But we are definitely more humble and the wiser for it.

The paranormal is a vast unknown that should always be approached with diligent caution and utmost respect. We are ALL vulnerable. No matter how experienced, groomed, trained, seasoned and cautious we are, if something nasty wants to snake it's way in, it will. So it's best to not only always be aware, cautious and protect yourself, but it's also a good idea to know more about what to do in the event that something does make it's way into not only your life, but the lives of your crew, friends and family as well.

I never for one moment ever thought of not continuing on doing what I'm doing. Although my past negative esperiences along with this most recent siege made me pull back and away for a bit, the thought of my hanging up my investigating hat never entered my mind. I may be battle weary and temporarily wounded, but I am a survivor. And investigating and helping others while I do so is far too important a purpose for me to just give up. Yep, we investigators are a rare breed indeed.

Be Well And Stay Safe,
Fran Ford-PRICE Paranormal, ECHOES Paranormal

I am now a member of a paranormal group that is very experienced in the possible dangers and is very realistic about what needs to happen going into any investigation, we have protection discussions, we have pages on our members board that deal with crystal, communication, herbs, I am so lucky to know the safety of everyone of us is at the forefront of any investigation, and actually being able to help those who come to us, not just saying when we are done, yes, you have something, here is a pic, see ya!
The other group I was in allowed something to come back and infect my ideas about a certain person and we did not see it right away as it was chasing us during the investigation, but afterward and all the pieces were put together we could see it for what it was and some of the people in that group refused to see it, so they still investigate and I pray they never come across place tha requires protection because I worry how they will ensure their own safety,,,

But I am thankful many of teh people from the group came to form this new one, I am learning so much from being in (undisclosed group) !I have passed your article on to eveyone I know in this field! Thank you for taking on such an enormous task!

Saw this on YouTube , A 13 year old kid just playing around and making a fake ghost video, but the things he was saying was disturbing. He was basically calling out for any spirits to show themselves and make themselves known. I thought about your site when I saw that. These kids do imitate what they see without knowing there might be consequences.

I support this 100%. I as a youngster dabbled in some paranormal activity and it so called followed me home I had to seek professional help to rid myself of the entity who attached itself to me (it was inhuman and horrible) If I can prevent any event like that from happening to others believe me I WILL DEFINITELY-COUNT ME IN! Thanks...

Dear Dan -
I was finally able to take some time and listen to the interview that you did with Altered States.
I can not tell you how greatfull I am that someone is spear heading an educational movement of this type. I have had several experiences, nothing as extrema as what it seems that you have encountered, but I have had experiences and I had no one to help. No one who understood....
I am greatfull that others will have someone to turn to.

Read your profile and really believe everything you say,,, There are people that really dont know how to investigate or really dont know what they are getting into,,,

Finally someone I can talk to about things like this. People don't believe me when I tell them it's dangerous. Im wanting to learn all I can about the paranormal, how to protect myself and how handle situations carefully. I have experienced the paranormal ever since I was a small child. Im hoping to develop more into a serious paranormal investigator, not only with ghosts but other unexplained events. I want to help others through the things they go through, the only way I know I can overcome some fears is if I know more about the paranormal. I have been studying archaeology, and I research demonology when I can.

I hate when people tell me I just need to pick up a recorder and go to it. It's not that simple I know for a fact. The people who run different shows on TV like paranormal state, Ghost hunters, etc...they know the dangers as well. I have heard there experiences and it goes alot deeper than their shows. I have experienced things for that I know for a fact that I can not debunk nor explain. All I am out for is facts, and I definately hate when people take the facts, embellishing them.

I have felt and experienced alot more than people think I have, I know more is out there. Trying to understand it is what I definately want to do.

know the signs and dangers that you may face in the future. By simply knowing the risks that you may experience, you are preparing yourself in case something does happen. Exploring the paranormal can be a fun and rewarding hobby. It can also be dangerous. If you are a parent, monitor your children and know that these dangers exist. Too many of our clients have been children or teens running out and emulating what they have watched on television, never knowing there was any danger involved. We have tried to help these children and teens and the families they belong to, repair their lives after finding out the hard truth, the paranormal is unknown and often lashes out at those of us attempting to document it does exist. Get training. Do research. Be prepared just in case you find yourself one day facing the Dangers of the Paranormal.


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